Series Introduction

Meet the Characters

Join the Cultivators, an elite team of five young rebels, in their fight to protect and preserve the nutritious and delicious food in the galaxy! During the team’s epic journey, they rely on the teen earthling Tricket and her sidekick Lo-Fi for help along the way. Tricket guides students in learning about nutrition and making healthy choices with help from celebrity chefs, Youtube stars, and musicians.

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Your students will love learning key science, language arts, and health standards through fun and engaging classroom activities incorporating music, animation and live-action segments from the RAD Lands series.

5-Minute Teacher Prep

5 Minute Prep

Teachers can use this quick prep to build their own understanding of what students will be learning throughout the RAD Lands in School Lesson Plan and activity suite resources.

Lesson Plan: Promote Nutritious Food with the Cultivators!

A plot of farmland with a person walking through it. A cartoon rabbit pokes its head up from the dirt.

Target Audience: Grades 3-5

Lesson Duration: 60 minutes

In this lesson, students build understanding of what whole foods are and why they are of critical importance in their diets. Using RAD Lands videos, students meet Kid Cultivators and explore techniques they use to produce their own healthy whole foods.

Taking Care of Our Food Supply

A cartoon robot

Target Audience: Grades 3-5

Activity Duration: 45 Minutes

In this activity, students learn that there is a relationship between the quality of a food and the way it was grown or produced. Students brainstorm how eating foods raised under less than ideal conditions and/or produced using additives might impact their own health, Students then explore the benefits of eating seasonally, locally, and organically and discuss options for doing so in their communities.

The Battle for Balance in an Ecosystem

A cartoon polar bear lying down on a small island of ice

Target Audience: Grades 3-5

Activity Duration: 45 minutes

In this activity, students explore interdependence in an ecosystem. Students watch a RAD Lands video to observe a tomato plant Investigation and learn about herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Students apply their learning to build understanding about food webs and the importance of balanced ecosystems. They explore different ecosystems and predict what might happen to an ecosystem if one animal is removed. Finally, students make connections between balanced ecosystems and a healthy, abundant food supply.

Plant Power!

Two kids examining a plant

Target Audience: Grades 3-5

Activity Duration: 30-45 minutes

Through observation and analysis about the importance of plants in their lives, students will explore the process of photosynthesis. Students will apply their understanding by creating a model and constructing a written argument. Students will explain the role of plants to human growth and development. Finally, students will evaluate how to make healthy choices incorporating plants in their school lunch.

Making Healthy Food Choices

Food on a table

Target Audience: Grades 3-5

Activity Duration: 30-45 minutes

Students will explore the components of healthy eating by creating a model of the food groups referenced in the Choose My Plate materials from the USDA. Using their models, students will analyze how to make healthy choices incorporating examples of foods within each group and creating tips to encourage healthy choices. Using RAD Land movie segments, students will evaluate healthy snacks.


Looking for a creative way to explore healthier food choices with your family? Try the family snack challenge! See which family member can make the healthiest (and tastiest) snack.

Ready, Set, Cook!

A woman and kid at a kitchen table

Target Audience: Grades 3-5

Activity Duration: Varies

Families will explore healthy recipes through the “Now You’re Cooking” video segments from Episode 4: “Alagada” and Episode 6: “Tiffid.” Using the segments as inspiration, family members use their imaginations to create their own delicious and healthy snacks. Families design a snack challenge competition using ingredients already in the home.